Get in Control of That Hangover

It provided me with a big chuckle. It got me laughing and got me thinking. It got me thinking of remedies, tips, and thoughts on a hangover. It was all good and fun until that night. The sun was shining and the night was dark. Theurrediting was picking up the conversation. It was with some guy I saw at work. We didn’t know each other very well and were both out in the field working. It was tough to really tell what was going on. The way I see it, we’re all humans and needs a good laugh sometimes.

“So what’s the score?” I ask as we bump into a coworker.

“I told you before the game, I’m not hanging out with anyone who’s hung over.”

“I see you have a weird look on your face.”

“I’m sorry guys, I know it wasn’t your fault, but can you give me a light?”

“Give me anything but a spoon.”

On a scale of 1-10, how intoxicated were you? It was a close 2-10. How many of you were in better shape than him (bleeping Skidoo)? Was he about to keel over without a shadow of a doubt? Or wereYou guys’ friend?

What’s the lesson? “Don’t drink too much and definitely don’t share drinks?”

I’ve had friends who have told me they’ve had drinks with higher than the legal limit and they were still able to keep up the courage to tell me. What did they tell me that I could have told them?

1) It’s not my fault. It’s not my responsibility. I didn’t do it. Finally, I see the reason why I’m so out of shape. I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t do it.

2) Maybe I didn’t do it right. Maybe I was too out of shape. It could have been my fault. The both of us could have done something to prevent that from happening. However, it happened. It happened and it was my choice. It was my fault.

The choice to do whatever it takes to get in shape is a choice that I’m sure I’ll make again. The choice to quit when things got tough is a choice that I’ll make again. We have to make it happen or none of the other choices will matter.

However… If you’ve tried everything out there to get in shape and you still haven’t,Then here’s a few tips I’ve found that might help you out.

1) Find a way to work out with friends. Probably the most obvious, but it’s worth it. Call a friend and ask if they want to come over and do a weight loss workout. Invite them to push you. 300 calories sounds like a lot, but if you’re confident with your friends helping you then 300 calories is nothing. Plus, you’re friends will be encouraging you and giving you encouragement. It’s something we can all be good at.

2) Have at least 3 things that you can make in your kitchen. This is a place to be. This is where you can grab an apple, some almonds and an orange. You need to focus on having good food and not just something fast. If you’re going to workout, you need your focus to be healthy not fast. We want results, not completion.

3) Make sure you know how much you can and cannot eat. We’re not going to prison ourselves. But if you’re going to eat a slice of pizza, just make sure there’s between 3 and 5 carbs (and maybe a piece of fruit). That’s where you’re going to be happy. Not hungry, not cutting corners, and not overindulging.

4) Let things happen. If there’s a day that you can’t go to the gym, then go to the park. Challenge yourself. If you didn’t get to the gym today, go to the park and lift some weights. If you got to the gym and you didn’t like it, then take the vacuum cleaner to the park and do some push ups. Focus on your goals and not on the fact that you can’t go to the gym on a certain day. It’ssel nore ventilated workout Environment.

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