Pregnancy and Sex Hormones – How They Effect Your Body


From the time we are born, we are taught that women are supposed to be Coveraceous and men, obligations to drink. This is because their bodies are used to those strong chemicals that our bodies were not intended to handle.

However, these days, many women have to be very careful of the foods that they will put into their bodies because some of them may be linked to the problem of PMS. In addition, it is important to realize that your menstrual cycle may effect your body even before you even start your family.

One of the main concerns women have when it comes to health is the male factor. There is strong evidence to support that lower levels of the male hormone testosterone may cause and increase risk for problems in women. These problems include breast cancer, higher risk of eczema, mood changes, depression, and possible early wrinkles.

Fortunately, you do not have to take any drugs to control your PMS. Having a healthy diet and regular exercise will allow you to have a more balanced hormonal system. That will allow you to enjoy a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life even during your reproductive years.

However, you will also have to keep your feet on dry paths. If you are trapped in an environment that is truly unhappy, like south Texas, where you live, you can take steps to make sure you do not contribute to the bad moods that often accompany this kind of lifestyle. Your feet are meant to be active, and they should not be living in a smelly shoe.

When it comes to meal time, try to choose proteins that are not fried and that are lean. Avoid insipid proteins that are high in calories and that contribute to weight gain. You know when you should eat!

PMS is not always something you can avoid. It can be a symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle, and one of the changes you can make to bring your life back to where you want it to be will help you deal with your PMS.

Instead of spending the day sitting on the couch, try to get out of your chair as often as you can. Besides, walking is good for your health, and it doesn’t do anything but keep you fit!

Try to be outside more often. It is good for you and your circulatory system. Instead of spending your day in a chair, walk around the block at least once.

Take an anti-stress class, such as yoga or aromatherapy. Let your personality take a turn, you may find you like doing things that are not stressful.

You may not know when your PMS is coming, but you should prepare yourself for it. PMS symptoms include increased bloating, food cravings, and anxiety. Other symptoms include light-headedness upon standing, and feeling prickly sensations in your legs.

There are over the counter medications that can help you control your PMS symptoms. Make sure you take them before you experience one so you can get rid of them as quickly as possible. You don’t want them to cause another episode of PMS.

If you are interested in bringing balance to your life and want to work with a holistic doctor, consider attending yoga and aromatherapy classes to balance your physical, mental and emotional state. You may not always be able to turn on the television or take off your shoes, but using these techniques will help you balance the everyday stresses of life.

Young women in particular face incredible hormonal changes during their first menstrual cycle. It is important they take advantage of all of these changes to feel their best. By taking the proper steps, you can ensure you are running on all the hormones you need to be in charge of your health.

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