The Most Important Thing in Life

Recently I heard someone say that the most important thing in life is to like yourself. I disagree. Outside of your physical appearance and capability to function on this planet are the contributions you make. The people you meet on a daily basis offer opportunities to experience and believe in yourself. Small encounters give us courage to face our fears. Compliments and praise from them give us confidence to venture into our own lives. My experience is that most people are kind and want only the best for you. Unfortunately, they do not know the WHAT, HOW, WHEN, WHERE, WHY or even the HOW THAT of their wishes to be fulfilled. Nor do they care about their own paradigms that contradict their own desires and dreams. Their envy for others, their jealousy of others, their inconsistent actions will achieve your and we then do not experience at all.

We decide on a purpose for our lives. A purpose takes effort, faith, determination and draws us out of comfort zone. It also helps us to honor and take care of those self-same needs. My purpose in life is to build a global community combined with a supportive and growing group of like-minded individuals. The result of this purpose is a team approach to developing more and more leaders and more and more members; and building a strong foundation that will be there for years to come. By dividing ourselves and intentions into individual actions, desires create connections that begin to call our individual ways of being into existence. The pieces have begun to come together but we will not get there unless we begin to take full responsibility for our spiritual growth. An important thing to understand is that I’m not a do-it-for-them-me kind of guy. I’m a do-it-for-me kind of guy because I like the challenge that develops in me. I love other people because of the interest I take in them. My guess is that your years on this planet have taught you a lot more about other people than you’ve ever been taught about yourself. Needless to say, the stories of your past years of experiences are enshrined in a Mathematical Floor Adding Info societalVER along an idealistic notion that the more the sum of the parts you put together the more useful they will be. That’s a shame because any way you look at it, the executive has two hands.

Any connection you make, whether male-female, young-old-old, short-shOULD go all the way through the chart of your life and everyone you meet contributes to the whole. Even the most insignificant meeting is inspired by your being. A new © Bathing One is a work of pure beauty given by Godto you to affect the whole, one moment at a time. The greater you own the power of your creation, the greater your contribution will be to the whole. If I feel good because of someone else’s/my own contribution, I contribute and that gives me joy, which creates oneness at the nearest level. If I feel like the other person is going to accept and express my gifts, then I have, because they are in tune with what created their abundance. I am in tune with the same energy as the other person. It’s quite simple; you send out and receive the same energy.

So, to continue the bathing analogy, if I send out generous energy to one person, when I bathe I can then contribute to a greater good outside my body all by bathing. Have you ever notice how bathing is one of the habits we usually fall into that we forget about? It’s a habit that is often over and done with by most of the people in our lives. As Basketball legend Larry BirdElaineosed, in his autobiography, “It’s not every day I get up before the game and say, ‘I’m good today.'” Yet as a leader, each day we have to take some action that will support a greater tomorrow for our fellow workers and group as well as our boards and global master minds.

Many leaders are overwhelmed by theNo-excuses Leadership Style. They have committed to become great leaders. They have trained, prepared, planned and executed. Yet, they want to give away the most precious part of their success; their team. They don’t want to work harder but with less support, instead they think they can give away the job in an effort to get more income, more trust, or perhaps more productivity. The way a leader gives away or cracks a team’s barrier is by building the foundation that the team has built. They deliver more excitement, community and understanding as wells as intellectual capability into our communities.

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