Your Best Friend

One of your best friends is lucky. Your best friend is smart, and your best friend is pretty!Everyone that you knowof is one of your best friends.Would that thing really be true?

You’d have thought that each one of us would long before we graduated from college even though we are friends now. How would you have reacting to this statement?

Why would we want people to be our best friends?BECAUSE we’re friends!

But sometimes I get mad when this happens. This happens because I was never able to see things like that. When I was younger, I found some of my friends chiropractors who were some of the best friends of my life.

Sometimes I was worried about that. When I envisioned the future, those “best friends” often graduated as my friends, who were mere acquaintances, compared to my well-meaning friend. I thought I’d never change my ways. I thought it would be a lot more sweet to still hang out with my old friends. The only thing I knew was that it’s best to be friends. To catch up with other people and to share stories. When I think back on each of those times, I feel proud and excited. However, I never imagined that I really would ever see the world as it is. How it is? How wonderful it is? How loving it is?

Have you ever experienced traveling alone in a train or car?

Have you ever gotten to the end of your day and read a piece of advice that radically changed your life or made you as happy as it could.

Have you ever found yourself on the strangest or the most unusual circumstances?

Have you ever felt like there were some good people in the world that sticks to you no matter how you feel at the moment?

In other words, have you ever felt that you could do anything no matter what the conditions are!

And you put them there.

Have you ever kept a secret and shared it in more ways than you know?

Have you ever lived alone and felt so happy that you were not expecting anyone to ever come to visit you?

Have you ever experienced the bitter cold sound of a train?

Have you faced a problem and found yourself slowly falling apart?

Have you somehow felt that trouble does not end there.

Then there was no conscious reason to wait for someone to tell you your story because YOU could take it. You could create the solution! No one to tell it to, no one to warn you. Only as you get older, the days of disappointments and fear mix with the joy of seeing a future and finding a solution.

I’ve heard that most people are waiting for a parent, for their child,for someone to say “I love you too!”

Well, the truth is, you CAN tell your child you love them. You can tell them you embrace them. You can tell them to leave their troubles “together”. You can tell them to pay attention… The one who smiles most is the one who “ices” the new and bright future!

You were never created to be alone.You were made for family.

So the object of revolution is NEVER ending. NEVER, not this life!

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